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Remarqs provides simple and powerful tools for small businesses to send SMS texts to their customers.

Terms & Conditions
Simply put,
"I promise to refrain from any hanky panky,
Or anything that would make anyone cranky,
Anything I do on this site that is lame,
I absolve Remarqs.com, et al, of any blame."
- Tip o' the Hat to Chelsea Market, New York
Put another way,

The site operators do not accept responsibility for the activities of any third parties using this site or the content they provide. This site is web-based software and is provided as is, with no claims or guarantees being made on its behalf by the site operators, owners or creators. There is no contract whatsoever between you and the site operators, owners or creators.

If you are using this site, you agree not to:
  • spam
  • attempt to hack into anyone's account
  • re-use people's information without their permission
  • 'hot link' to pictures
  • send automated messages to members via this site
This website's owners have the right to:
  • store small cookies on your computer for reasonable purposes, such as determining if you are logged in, and personalising your experience
  • change these rules without notice
  • suspend or block any user without notice
  • delete any user's data without notice
If a lead's contact details are incorrect, we'll credit your account to the same value as the lead purchased. If you leave the website or delete your account, we will not be able to return any balance on the account.

By using this website, you are agreeing to these rules

Any legal disputes will be resolved under UK law and within the UK

Privacy Policy
We will not rent, give-away or sell any personally identifiable information. If this web site is sold, this will include the domain name, the software programs and all associated data (i.e. the database). We will make reasonable efforts to ensure that if the website is sold as a whole, it will not be to anyone who might abuse the data. We will make reasonable efforts to ensure that your data is secure and available.

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