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06 Jan 2023

Rapid TV News - Google gains 10% TV OS European market share in three years - Rapid TV News
27 Jan 2023

Samsung mulls letting other TV makers use Samsung TV Plus - report - FierceVideo
24 Jan 2023

Open sunday – politics free zone… – Slugger O'Toole - Slugger O'Toole
08 Jan 2023

(CES) LG CEO vows to drive growth with diversified business portfolio - Yonhap News Agency
05 Jan 2023

Introducing Coolita 2.0: Veira Group's Linux-based Smart TV Solutions for the Indian Market - Times Now
11 Jan 2023

Nestheads, Open-world, Adventure Game that Merges Cognitive Science and Gaming, Launches on Kickstarter - Investing News Network
03 Jan 2023

Every device getting Matter support in 2023 - The Verge
30 Jan 2023

Google TV growth might be in trouble as Samsung and LG open Tizen and WebOS to other TV brands - 9to5Google
10 Oct 2022

Comcast loses 419K cable subs, Peacock surpasses 20M in Q4 - FierceVideo
26 Jan 2023


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More icons for webOS

-Meanwhile- posted a photo:

More icons for webOS

The top six icons are improvements of earlier versions. The others (except FeedReader and Spotify) are replacement icons for the ones that come pre-installed on webOS devices like the Pre 3 and Touchpad (and are extras to the Pre/Pre 2 default icons).
It depends on what will happen to Open webOS if I'll make more icons for it.
At the moment, I think about doing some looser (non-icon) work, though icons for OS X may also come one day...all in Haiku style of course.

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