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LG confirms webOS will power smart TVs by other manufacturers too - Yahoo Movies Canada
24 Feb 2021

Sony, Samsung, Panasonic and other TVs can now enjoy a big upgrade from LG - Daily Express
25 Feb 2021

LG enters fray with Google, Amazon, Roku for TV operating system dominance - Ars Technica
24 Feb 2021

LG's webOS will power smart TVs by other brands - Pocketnow
24 Feb 2021

LG WebOS Smart TV Platform Is Coming to Other TV Brands - TechTrendsKE
24 Feb 2021

How to Update WebOS on your LG Smart TV – Techjaja - Techjaja
22 Feb 2021

LG will license webOS for use on third-party smart TVs (It’s come a long way from the Palm days) - Liliputing
24 Feb 2021

How to update LG TV software - Tom's Guide
18 Feb 2021

By different producers as well, LG affirms webOS self control brilliant TVs - Entertainment Paper
24 Feb 2021

Huawei Ditches Google: The Cool New Android Alternative Is Almost Here - Forbes
26 Feb 2021


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More icons for webOS

-Meanwhile- posted a photo:

More icons for webOS

The top six icons are improvements of earlier versions. The others (except FeedReader and Spotify) are replacement icons for the ones that come pre-installed on webOS devices like the Pre 3 and Touchpad (and are extras to the Pre/Pre 2 default icons).
It depends on what will happen to Open webOS if I'll make more icons for it.
At the moment, I think about doing some looser (non-icon) work, though icons for OS X may also come one day...all in Haiku style of course.

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